Best Restaurants in North Goa

Are you a food enthusiast? The best part about traveling is getting to experience different dishes that are unique to the region. Food is inextricably linked to culture. Trying new cuisines from a different country or region gives you a true sense of what it's like to live there, no pun intended. Food passes along various ingredients and flavors, contributing to a country's culture.
North Goa offers a variety of dining options that cater to every palate, making it a paradise for food enthusiasts. Here's a list of the top 18 restaurants in North Goa, categorized by cuisine, that you must try!
4 Famous Indian Cuisine Restaurants

1. Jamun,  Assagao:
Jamun, located in a charming Portuguese-style villa in Assagao, is a must-visit when you are in Goa. Famous for its mouthwatering butter chicken, Jamun also serves biryanis that you should not miss. While the atmosphere can get loud at times, the overall ambiance is perfect for enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family. 

2. Bawri, Assagao:
Bawri's menu combines traditional recipes with new dishes inspired by Chef Sandhu's travels and research into regional Indian cuisines. Their must-try dishes include Butter Chicken, Nihari, Kakori Kebabs, Raan Biryani, and Bheja Masala. The ambiance at Bawri is equally captivating, featuring a design that merges coastal cottage charm with rustic elements.

3. Tamil Table, Assagao:
Tamil Table is one of the best restaurants in North Goa for those who enjoy South Indian cuisine. This restaurant brings the rich flavors of Tamil cuisine to the region, showcasing its culinary marvels. The cocktails are beautifully crafted and pair perfectly with the dishes. The food is exceptional, with standout items like Paniyaram, Aubergine Curry, Mutton & Ashgourd Curry, Curd Rice, Dosa, Lemon Cheesecake, and Chettinad Chicken.

4. Hosa, Siolim:
HOSA's new menu explores modern South Indian flavors, featuring lesser-known dishes and unique local tastes. From traditional dosas to inventive delicacies, their menu caters to every palate. Drawing inspiration from Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Nellur, Kollam, and Chettinad, HOSA transforms street food and local dishes into innovative and unique compositions.
3 Best Goan Restaurants in North Goa

1. Vinayak, Assagao:
Among all the popular restaurants in North Goa, Vinayak is a true gem for authentic Goan cuisine. Vinayak Restaurant is a favorite hangout due to its amazing offers. The highlight of this amazing restaurant is probably the Fish Thali, which is often regarded as the best in North Goa. During the holiday season, the restaurant is busy, with average wait times of at least 15 minutes. Despite the congestion and bustle, Vinayak remains committed to perfection, ensuring that both service and food quality are constantly high.

2. House of Lloyds, Candolim:
This is a hidden gem located in one of Candolim's bylanes. House of Lloyds is still most renowned for its barbeque, which includes beef steaks, pork chops, and char-grilled kingfish. The cuisine is undoubtedly costly, but the curated gourmet menu is well worth the price. Not only does their food stand out, but so do their cocktails. The lovely atmosphere, friendly personnel, and live music every day are a bonus. Among the traditional menu items, the BBQ pork chop platter is a must-try.

3. Miguel's - Cocktails & Petiscos, Panjim:
Miguel’s is a cocktail bar in Bento Miguel, a heritage building in Fontainhas, Panjim. It is a great spot for cocktail lovers, with friendly service and a diverse food menu. Miguel’s is a meat-lover paradise. Their beef steak is a melt-in-your-mouth delight. Experience a cozy setting with attentive service, making it one of the best restaurants in North Goa.
Top 3 Fusion Restaurants in North Goa: 

1. Amavi by Sumera, Calangute: 
Amavi is a fine dining restaurant in Goa that blends exquisite food with stunning architecture for an exceptional dining experience. Amavi is known for its great continental cuisine and they will not let you down with your choices. The restaurant offers a wonderful atmosphere, perfect for enjoying an Al Fresco dining experience.

2. Suzie's, Assagao: 
Suzie’s is a charming garden restaurant tucked away in the lush lanes of Assagao. Chef Suzie creates playful fusion dishes that blend local produce with various cooking techniques. Their menu changes four to five times a year as per the seasonal ingredients of Goa. To complement the unconventional food, each cocktail on the menu is carefully crafted with love.

3. Grumps, Sangolda:
Grumps in Goa, located in Sangolda, is a fun fusion restaurant that mixes Eastern and Western flavors. They are famous for their creative menu with fusion pizzas and Asian salads. The atmosphere is chill and quirky, great for a laid-back dining experience.
4 Popular Italian Restaurants in North Goa 

1. La Cucina, Morjim: 

La Cucina attracts pizza lovers and every dish served is fresh out of the oven. You must try their extraordinary garlic bread and veggie pizza, which is simply mouth-watering. The service, atmosphere, and food are something that people all around the world give 5 stars.

2. Ciao Bella, Assagao: 
One of the most unfussy Italian restaurants in North Goa is Ciao Bella. Their options for cocktails, pizza, and homemade pasta, plus outdoor seating are simply amazing. If you enjoy live music and good food, this restaurant is the one you must visit.

3. Luna's Ristorante, Anjuna: 
Luna's Ristorante provides ecstatic wood-fired pizza, handmade pasta, and other Italian delicacies near Dmello Vaddo, Anjuna. It is a fun place where steaks, grills, Risotto, Gelato, breakfast, cocktails, bakery, bar, and a lot more can be found.

4. Davide Pizzeria, Siolim: 
One of the most fun restaurants in  North Goa is Davide Pizzeria. Located near Porta Vaddo, Kudal, Siolim, this place has outdoor seating, serves vegetarian dishes, and has Wi-Fi. Food lovers from far and near rate it an impressive 5/5 rating. 
Top 4 Asian Restaurants in North Goa: 

1. Tataki - Immersive Asian Dining, Panjim:

Tataki Asian Dining, located in Fontainhas Goa (historical Panjim region), is truly one of the best places for delivering high-quality and delicious Japanese and Korean cuisine! The most recommended dishes are charcoal momos, dragon, and crispy sushi. Their kimchi rice and noodles are delicious. 
Their menu features a diverse selection of Asian cuisines, each prepared with precision and overflowing with authentic tastes. The ambiance is breathtaking, with excellent designs and a relaxing atmosphere. The quiet background music was crucial in generating a comfortable mood, which added to the overall beauty of the establishment. 

2. Saké, Assagao:
Saké - The Asian Lounge in Assagao, Goa, is a culinary treasure that promises a mix of tastes and a unique dining experience. The modern ambiance creates an expensive yet comfortable dining experience from the moment you walk in. 
The cocktails at Saké are nothing short of spectacular. Each drink is a work of art, delicately made and presented with style. The tastes are a symphony for the taste buds, taking your dining experience to new levels. Saké - The Asian Lounge offers an exceptional dining experience, with each dish being a masterpiece and every moment a thrill.

3. Yaki Zushi, Sangolda:
The red and black-themed restaurant has modern sensibilities while embracing oriental décor features such as hanging paper lamps, bamboo accents, and an ornate Japanese panel door at the front. Yaki Zushi is earning a reputation as one of Goa's popular sushi restaurants. 
Apart from Japanese food, it also serves great Thai and Chinese cuisines. Local favorites and traditional delicacies on the menu include Manchow soup, Tom Kha soup, pork chili, wontons, Thai chicken wings, dim sums, sushis, nigiri, sashimi, teppanyaki, rice, and noodles.

4. The Red Ginger, Panjim:
The Red Ginger can be your go-to place for sushi lovers. Spider crab sushi, mango sushi, lotus sushi, and dragon sushi are fan favorites. The gulab Jamun cheesecake is finger-licking good. Enjoy a superb ambiance with ample seating space and a live band playing. 
North Goa has something for everyone's taste, be it Goan specialties, traditional Indian food, or international cuisine. You will find the most amazing beach restaurants in Goa. Goa is renowned for its stunning beachside dining options. You can also try out these best beach restaurants in Goa if you are a first-time visitor: Thalassa, Britto's, Anjuna Beach Shack, and La Plage. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventurous getaway, The Blue Kite provides comfortable accommodations, breathtaking views, and exceptional service to ensure a delightful experience for every guest. Join us and experience the essence of true hospitality and natural beauty. Bon appetit!