Discover Assagao

Who hasn't been to Goa?

College trips with friends, weekend getaways from work, destination weddings, you may believe that you have seen the coastal state in all its forms, but what if there was a secret vacation spot that no one ever shared with you?

A quiet village surrounded by lush green hills and forests awaits your arrival.

Its position at the outskirts of Mapusa allows the community to preserve their culture and heritage while attracting visitors looking for the extraordinary experiences that make Goa so special.

If you've been searching for villas in Goa for rent to truly relax all of your senses on your next getaway, we're here to suggest the peaceful village of Assagao.

Why Assagao?

Known as the land of flowers, Assagao lives up to its reputation by overtaking your mind with a state of tranquility that drives even the most ambitious among us to take a moment to smell the flowers.

Beautiful Portuguese-style houses with colorful facades, red-tiled roofs, and ornate balconies line Assagao's streets. A few of these properties are the most scenic villas in Goa, housing a few centuries' worth of history and cultural heritage within their four walls.

A Quick History of Assagao

As a region, Goa was originally inhabited by farmers and hunters belonging to the indigenous Kunbi community. The area saw its first empire in the Bahamani Sultanate, the first independent Muslim kingdom of the Deccan.

The Sultanate paved the way for the Vijayanagara and Maratha Empires to establish their own cultural imprints on the coastal state before the arrival of Portuguese influences in the 16th century. With their influx into Goa, the state saw a rise in economic activity and consequently the setting up of neighborhoods where only forests existed.

Their legacy can be seen and felt through the numerous villas in Goa which continue to employ elements of Portuguese architecture. The Portuguese also introduced new agricultural techniques such as the cultivation of cashew nuts, which now sustains Goa's rich feni & urrak traditions.

Culture & Heritage

The Portuguese influence on Assagao went far beyond the village's economic and agricultural output.

The character of the village's architecture impart Assagao with a unique charm. The village became an important religious center during Portuguese rule, housing a number of churches and chapels for the local community. St. Cajetan's Church, built in 1695, is one of the oldest and most significant churches in the region.

Assagao is also home to several natural attractions, including the Assagao Spring, which is believed to have healing properties, and the scenic Vagator beach, which is just a short drive away. The village is a great base for exploring nearby attractions, such as the Anjuna Flea Market, Chapora Fort, and Arambol Beach.

Of course if you'd rather explore the village's cultural scene instead of the regular tourist haunts, Assagao is home to several galleries, cultural centers, and events that showcase the work of local artists and artisans featuring a range of styles and media including paintings, sculptures, photography and installation art.

On the first Sunday in August, the community comes together to celebrate the Feast of St. Cajetan who is sometimes also known as the patron saint of good fortune.

The deeper you explore this quiet village on the outskirts of Mapusa, the more marvels you find but if one were to choose a single aspect to describe life in Assagao, it would undoubtedly be a deep connection to the natural world.

Dawn in Assagao arrives at your doorstep accompanied by bird call and when the sun sets, it sends you a parting gift of gentle sea breeze.

Sold on the village yet?

Yes! How do I get to Assagao?

Assagao is 25 kilometers away from Goa's MOPA Airport, while Dabolim Airport is a bit farther at 42 kilometers.

The 37-minute drive may give you pause but we assure you the scenery on the way will make you wish it was a longer trip.

What else is around Assagao?

In the past few years, the village has seen the blossoming of several local businesses designed to keep the discerning tourist entertained and well-fed.

Some of these include:

Izumi: Sushi, yakatori, & signature ramen for lovers of Japanese cuisine.
Avo's Kitchen: Authentic Goan curries and buns fresh out of the oven.
Bloom & Brew: Earthy whole foods, a vegan's dream come true.
Rangeela: Concept fashion and home decor to carry a piece of Goa back with you.
Jackfruit Tree: How do you say no to Banana Lassi in a cafe that looks like a treehouse?
No Nasties: Sustainable clothing made with zero-waste, a vibe we can get behind.
Kefi: Lip smacking Lebanese with mock meat options for vegetarians.
Suzie's: A whimsical garden restaurant nestled in Assagao's jungly by-lanes.
Babka: European-style coffee shop for your afternoon caffeine with delicious bakes.
Ciao Bella: Perfect if you prefer your pizzas to be accompanied by live music.
Cheshire Cat: Quaint handmade jewellery as quirky as the gallery's namesake.
Tamil Table: Craving traditionally-served South Indian food? Look no further.

Of course, these are just a few of the many homegrown enterprises that you can support on your visit to Goa. Assagao is also a mere 20-minutes away from the coastline of North Goa where you can find beaches, party spots, and moments of serenity in the company of the Arabian Sea.

So, where do I stay in Assagao?

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