The Blue Kite and Vianaar Escapes: Crafting Exceptional Holiday Experiences

Imagine a place where your vacation feels like home, even when you're miles away. That's the essence of The Blue Kite, the cherished rental arm of Vianaar. Born from the vision to offer travelers from around the world a genuine 'home away from home' experience, The Blue Kite has spread its wings not only in the rental villas in Goa market but also in other sought-after holiday destinations across India, such as Kasauli, Mashobra, and Delhi. Today, we're here to delve into what sets Vianaar Escapes properties apart and why they're so special in our portfolio.

A Tale of The Blue Kite: A Home for Every Traveler

The Blue Kite emerged as a beacon in the world of holiday rentals with a simple yet powerful idea: providing holidaymakers worldwide, visiting Goa and beyond, with a place they can truly call their own during their travels. We believe that every traveler should have the opportunity to stay in a place that feels like home, regardless of where they are in the world. This belief has been our guiding light, leading us to create memorable vacation experiences for our guests at our luxury villas in Goa and rental homes in Kasauli.

Distinguishing The Blue Kite from Vianaar Escapes

Now, you might be wondering about the difference between the properties under The Blue Kite and Vianaar Escapes. Here's the key distinction:

Vianaar Escapes: Crafting Complete Vianaar Experience

Vianaar Escapes properties represent a complete Vianaar experience. These holiday homes in Goa are meticulously furnished in-house by our expert interior designers, ensuring a harmonious blend of architecture and décor. Each detail, carefully curated, reflects the true essence of a Vianaar home.

The Blue Kite: Unbiased Excellence and Diversity

In contrast, The Blue Kite doesn't favour any specific category of properties. Our focus remains unwavering on the quality of furnishings and the overall aesthetics of the homes. We offer a diverse range of villa and apartment rentals in Goa, providing choices that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences.

Our Dedicated Team: Fairness and Efficiency

At The Blue Kite, our experienced and efficient team doesn't play favourites with Vianaar Escapes properties just because they are furnished by our team. Our priority is to ensure all homeowners, regardless of the category, receive a sufficient number of bookings each month. It's our commitment to providing homeowners, whether they own luxury apartments and villas in Goa or properties in other breathtaking locations, with a fair and equal opportunity to earn a good return on their investment.

Our Values: Guest and Homeowner Satisfaction

Our journey is guided by two core values:

Guest Satisfaction: We take pride in offering our guests a beautiful home with exceptional amenities, ensuring a memorable holiday experience. Our goal is to make every stay feel like a warm embrace, where comfort and convenience meet.

Homeowner Satisfaction: We're dedicated to ensuring that every home in sought-after holiday destinations in India is utilised by many vacationers every month, guaranteeing our homeowners a substantial return on their investment. Your property's success is our success.

Our Promise to You

In closing, we'd like to emphasize that our commitment goes beyond just providing choices. It's about offering you an experience that resonates with the warmth of home, even when you're far away. Whether you choose The Blue Kite or Vianaar Escapes, you can rely on us as your trusted companion in creating lasting memories and ensuring your investment thrives. Welcome to a world where vacation dreams come to life, and each stay is a cherished journey - a world crafted by The Blue Kite.