Top 8 Properties Ideal for a Bachelorette Party in Goa

A wedding may be all about love, but a bachelorette party? It’s the ultimate celebration of friendship, laughter, and letting your hair down! When we think of a bachelorette in India, the first place that comes to mind is Goa. If you’re on a hunt for that perfect villa, we’re about to spill the beans.

Not only do we provide chef-on-call services with fully equipped kitchens in all the properties, but also, every villa comes with a private pool, and apartments feature a community pool. Most of our properties are in North Goa, in close proximity to some famous party spots and attractions.

From high-end to offbeat, this curated selection ensures that there’s a home to suit everyone's preferences.

Host a bachelorette party in Goa

  1. Casa Desa Monteiro, Divar Island - The old-world charm with modern luxury!

    - 1 minute from Rock Inn Restaurant & Bar.
    - 17 mins away from the capital city, Panaji.
    - Just cross the iconic blue ferry on the mighty Mandovi River to reach Casa de Monteiro.
    - Can accommodate up-to 10 guests.

    Imagine spending time with your closest friends amidst the silence of nature on an island. We are here to take you back in time with our 140-year-old quintessential Goan-Portuguese heritage home, restored to blend old-world charm with modern luxury.

    Casa Desa Monteiro offers you the perfect backdrop for an intimate or grand bachelorette in Goa. It features four spacious bedrooms and a private pool. Located amidst nature, it will rejuvenate your experience.

  2. Villa Cardo, Assagao Indo Portuguese Elegance with a Splash of Fun

    - 1 minute from Sublime Goa, a fine dining restaurant.
    - 6 mins away from Vagator Beach.
    - 11 mins away from Purple Martini, an iconic lounge/restobar with a stunning view.
    - Can accommodate up-to 12 guests.

    Relive those 'Heeriye' song moments at your bachelorette bash with The Blue Kite’s Villa Cardo. The shooting of Arijit & Jasleen's song took place in this villa, which is located near popular party spots.

    In addition to providing space for up to 12 guests, this stunning 4-bedroom home allows you to spend your nights enjoying cocktails and barbecues in the poolside garden.

  3. La Zamora, Vagator - Featuring A Rooftop Plunge Pool

    - 10 minutes from Vagator Beach.
    - 5 mins away from Sakana, a Japanese restaurant.
    - Can accommodate up-to 6 guests.

    In the centre of Goa's most popular vacation area, this hidden gem features all the amenities you need to enjoy for the best bachelorette party in Goa with your friends. This 3-bedroom villa accommodates up to 6 guests, and the first-floor master bedroom features a lovely balcony.

    The carefully chosen landscaping that surrounds you may also provide you with the companionship of butterflies and birds. There's nothing better than spending a morning in the rooftop plunge pool.

  4. La Meira, Assagao

    La Meira in Assagao offers a luxurious stay, with each room subtly evoking modern charm. Featuring a pool and a private garden, this villa in Goa is the epitome of a bachelorette getaway.

    This 3-bedroom villa is decorated with paintings collected from around the world and contemporary furniture. La Meira offers all the amenities you would need to spend a relaxing time with friends in Goa.

    - 5 minutes from Vagator Beach.
    - 14 mins away from Anjuna Beach.
    - 38 mins away from the Mopa Airport
    - Can accommodate up-to 7 guests.

  5. Three Kings, Reis Magos - Beachfront Bachelorette party

    Is the sensation of the soft sand beneath your feet and the sound of the waves your notion of the ideal bachelorette experience? You've found your perfect home at The Blue Kite’s Three Kings in Reis Magos

    This 4 BHK sea-facing villa is a party paradise right on the beach and comes with a private terrace, an open jacuzzi, and stunning views of Panjim and Miramar.

    - 5 minute walk from Reis Magos Beach.
    - 9 minute drive away from Coco Beach.
    - 12 minutes from Candolim Beach.
    - Can accommodate up-to 12 guests.

  6. La Soria, Assagao

    For those seeking a touch of luxury and comfort, La Soria is the answer. This 2-bedroom villa with contemporary architecture and a private pool sets the stage for an unforgettable bachelorette soirée.

    Located in a quiet but well-connected area in Goa, this villa is only a short distance away from some of the best restaurants and bars that Goa has to offer. Equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

    - 11 minute walk from Vagator Beach.
    - 3 minutes away from Rangeela Goa, for a shopping spree with your friends.
    - 12 minutes from Candolim Beach.
    - Can accommodate up-to 12 guests.

  7. La Estada, Assagao

    La Estada’s Indo-Portuguese-style home is an ideal destination for a bachelor party in Goa for a peaceful and rejuvenating party in Goa. Situated in Badem, in the sleepy village of Assagao, on top of a hill with private forests next to it.

    The finest of a modern lifestyle is showcased in the villa, which is combined with Indo-Portuguese architectural elements.

    - 6 mins away from Vagator Beach.
    - 13 mins drive to Romeo Lane, a restaurant bar with stunning beach views.
    - 14 minutes from Olive Bar & Kitchen.
    - Can accommodate up-to 7 guests.

  8. La Maroma, Anjuana

    Last but not least, this luxe villa sets itself apart with its aesthetically pleasing ambience. Host an unforgettable bachelorette in Goa at The Blue Kite’s La Maroma. The villa opens into a spacious living-dining area and three luxurious bedrooms.

    - 8 min drive from Vagator Beach.
    - 10 min drive to Thalassa, a Greek restaurant.
    - 14 minutes from Olive Bar & Kitchen.
    - Can accommodate up-to 7 guests.

Your bachelorette party is not only about the fun and drinks, but also about the spirit of celebrating togetherness. The stage is set, and the excitement is tangible! Here's to the beginning of an unforgettable bachelorette party! Explore our website and make a reservation now.